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Whimsical Tales of Sugar Forest
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Opening Reception:
  Saturday, March 7, 2020 - 7pm to 11pm

Runs till:
  Saturday, April 18, 2020

Guest curated by Stitch of Whimsy!

For this show we are looking for artwork featuring SUPER CUTE, sugary sweet and ultra sparkly creatures that would be found in the most magical fairy tale forest your creative mind can capture! The whimsical forest we imagine has both a lite, sweet side as well as hidden dark, spooky corners so there is room for you to all express your personal styles but everything inhabiting these magical lands is just plain CUTE. So draw, paint, knit, sculpt or hand stitch the most adorable creations your eyes have ever seen!

Artists Include:
Silk and Thistle Camille Pfister Katie Gamb Kyle Smiles William Butler Coven of Cuteness Yetis&friends Erika Taguchi Heidi Kenney Irma gerd Jackie Harder Amber Leilani Calamity Kim Bob Doucette Danny Brito This girls kitsch Erica Borghstijn Millie Tavarez Nana Porcelain Lisa Perz Marybel Martin Lauren Saxton Geeky By Nature Angela Joy Oster JR Linton Adam Bee Jake Drone Matt Vazquez