Leave a Deposit Online
If you have ALREADY spoken to your artist but cannot get down to the shop to leave a deposit then you may leave a deposit with the form below. You will be sent to Pay Pal to complete the transaction via a bank account or credit card. Make sure to give us your name and the artist you are working with so we can match it with your appointment. Before sending a deposit, you MUST first contact your artist first to discuss your ideas for the tattoo, to make sure they will work.

Please note: This deposit goes towards the cost of the LAST session of the tattoo if more than one is required. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable and Non-Redeemable for Cash.

Deposits are valid for 1 Year of date of Issuance after that it is up to the artists discretion as to if you must leave a new deposit after that. Artwork not started after 12 months will be considered abandoned and may be destroyed, or even given to another client and may require a new deposit to be re-drawn.

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Artist working with:

Click below to go to PayPal to complete the transaction.

Tattoo Deposit Info
Unlike other line of service job, we book longer block of time from 3 hours up to 9 hours a session. So the deposits act as collateral for the time we are reserving for you, they barely if ever cover the time spent on the actual drawings which can sometimes take hours on their own. Many times clients take a day off to schedule an appointment during the week. If you cancel last minute, especially during the week day, it is hard to fill this time slot.

So if you don't show up or cancel late, we don't make money that day and you will be forfeiting your deposit. And you will be put on our naughty list and will have to leave a new deposit to schedule another appointment.

If you have to change an appointment it is no problem, really! That is as long as you give us ample notice. Please call us as soon as you know so we have the best chance to re assign that spot. You MUST reschedule within at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment to avoid losing the deposit but even if it is under 24 hours LET US KNOW! We still may be able to scramble and get someone in that spot or do some walk-ins rather than sit here twiddling our thumbs.

Don't Be Late
Please try to be on time and if you cannot call us the minute you know you are running late. Many times appointments are set back to back so if you are excessively late it can affect the person after you as well and screw up our whole schedule.

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Our Grand Opening Art Show and Hot Rod Roundup!
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